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Vlado Zorić, Sektor sigurnosti i zaštite, JANAF d.d.:

Tehnozavod je sve naše zamisli i ideje zaštite kritične infrastrukture proveo u stvarnost. I tu nije bilo popusta jer nikakvi poluproizvodi i polurješenja nisu nešto na što u JANAF-u pristajemo. Pouzdanost i partnerstvo su dvije riječi kojima mogu opisati iskustvo rada s timom Tehnozavoda u proteklih 8 godina.





Radim Roček, sales leader Eastern Europe at Honeywell Security:

We have great cooperation with company Tehnozavod Marusic that lasts for more than 10 years. We are proud of all the projects we have done together, especially the ones that integrate our intrusion alarm, access control and CCTV in one system. They managed succesfully projects with both IP and analog CCTV, videoanalytics, large access control system (3000 employees and 35 locations) and also intruder alarm. They are our Gold partner in HIS for 2012.




 Arena Zagreb 150x100

Franjo Đurica, voditelj sigurnosti, Arena Zagreb:

Sportska dvorana je izuzetno zahtjevan objekt po pitanju sigurnosti i zaštite ljudi i imovine. Tvrtka Tehnozavod Marušić nam je ponudila i implementirala izvrsno rješenje  za sve naše zahtjeve i pokazala se kao partner u kojeg se možemo 100% pouzdati. Integracijom mnogih sustava preko zajedničke Bosch BIS platforme u stanju smo kontrolirati sve događaje na vrlo brz i jednostavan način.





We consider our work to be extremely important and we are fully aware of the consequences that an eventual oversight could have for people and property, our clients' reputations as well as ours.

Therefore, we take every opportunity to do the job well and we use every feedback to improve our service quality. We are proud of the fact that 100% of our clients who participated in the survey rated us as a company they would recommend to their partners, 96% commended the quality of our work and 93,5% expressed a high satisfaction with the speed of claims handling. If we take into account all elements that affect customer satisfaction, we are very pleased with the results and we do our best to make them even better.

The particular nature of our work lies in the fact that we rarely have the occasion to replicate a solution used in previous project to a new one. Often we are faced with unforeseen situations, like when an earlier work phase is not completed, the wall is not where it was planned to be, or there was a last minute conversion of certain premises to a different use. 

  vrijednosti baner         

Therefore, we do not try to set out hundreds of rules for our employees to follow. Instead, we define values, which provide each of us with clear guidelines that help us make quick and efficient decisions.

  • expertise
  • professionalism
  • reliability
  • team work
  • continuous progress

In case you notice, at any stage of our work, that we are not following these values, please do us a favor and let us know. We will be grateful, and in return you will get the service you deserve.