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Corporate social responsibility

With our business practices we are expressing our appreciation for society, partners and employees. We are aware of our social responsibility and are proudly participating in social and economic development through regular tax and contribution payments. Our employees have always received their salaries on time and we are in the top “A” class in terms of solvency. Through regular payments we contribute to Croatia’s progress and serve as an example of sustainable business practices, which regard all of our partners as well.

We are proud of our sponsorships and donations, which help various individuals and institutions to improve the quality of their lives and businesses and enable them to reach their goals.

Our practices regarding waste disposal are in full compliance with current legal guidelines, and with the use of new technologies we also help in removing obsolete products from the market, which are considered illegal and undesirable for further implementation due to their ionizing action.

Furthermore, we contribute to the environmental conservation by implementing the most advanced technology in our solutions to reduce energy consumption and by regularly recycling paper, with the aim to decrease our paper use. The ISO 14001 certification we have obtained reaffirms our commitment towards the environment.





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